Gentil Gedeon

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GEDEON NTIRENGANYA known as Gentil Gedeon, is a radio Producer current works for KT Radio, a private radio station and one of KIGALI TODAY LTD entities.

He is one of famous local radio producer in Rwanda and the awarded best entertainment journalist of the year in 2015, and 2016 with Rwanda Broadcast Excellence Awards (RBEA), and awarded as Best investigative journalist on sexual harassment in Rwanda 2017 by Rwanda Governance Board, and Office of the Ombudsman. Awarded as best agriculture reporter in 2015 by ministry if agriculture and FOA (Food and Agriculture Organization)

From 2011, Gentil Gedeon started his professional carrier at Radio Salus (National University of Rwanda Radio station based in southern Province) while he is a student in National University of Rwanda/school of journalism and Communication.

He is also known as a documentary producer and one and only who produced a famous radio magazine called “IMYAKA 11 Y’UBUTINGANYI MU RWANDA” [Eleven years of Gay& Lesbians in Rwanda]. This was a first official Radio/internet Production concentrating on how LGBT society live in Rwanda in eleven years ago.

He served as a Radio Producer on Radio Salus from 2011 – 2014, and he get a professional recruitment and join Tele10 for Radio&Tv10 as a radio and Tv producer in 2015.

2016 – Now, He is a radio Producer specialized in youth entertainment programs and then He is investigator, magazine and documentaries producer.

Gentil Gedeon is a friend of internet and social media platforms. Right now, more that 3 thousands subscribe on his YouTube channel “INYANJA_TWOGAMO” and more than 1 million people used to view that content.

He manages his personal Instagram account that followed by 56.8Thousand, personal twitter handle [@gentil gedeon ntirenganya], and 4 facebook pages including KT Radio facebook page of 66 thousands followers and KT Radio Instagram.

Gentil Gedeon speak and write Kinyarwanda as Native, English very good, Franch very good, and he can express himself in Swahili.

Education and Credentials

  • 2014: labor training, by ILO [International Labor organisation]
  • 2015: Photo journalism training
  • 2010 – 2013: Bachelors / Journalism and communication in National University of Rwanda




Tel: +250 785067272 / +250 722067272


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Gentil ndagukunda cyane kbc.cyazampa tukazanabonana nkakuvugisha`s mai dream


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