Natasha Kamanzi

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Imagine the number of all possible existing colors in one place that the number is so big and interesting enough that you can get to see the diversity. I describe myself as part of the colors and thus part of the large diversity, bringing life to each and every person. Humanity is interesting, and I embrace it.

Career-wise, I enjoy doing radio. I do it all the time; on and off air.  It keeps me learning daily on different issues that matter to me.  I am a student of Public Health, but the art of radio is exposing me to adventures, when interacting with the public.

Born 1995 and raised in Rwanda, my name is Batamuriza Kamanzi Natasha. I work at KT Radio. I run the “Boda To Boda” show every Monday to Friday from 2:00PM to 4:00PM with my co-host Ravy Ndizeye, bringing you the world at 2:00: We talk about news be it local, regional and international, without forgetting weird and interesting stories to spice up with mind blowing facts.

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